Biscotti X B1

28%-32% THC

Introducing: Biscotti X B1

What’s better than a gorgeous strain of Biscotti? Crossing that original with a backcrossed version, essentially doubling down on all the things that make the original so outstanding. This Biscotti x Bx1 lives in the realm of 28-32% THC, and is a surefire winner for any level of user experience. As hybrid in the indica-dominant universe, it’s even, tasty and packs a thoroughly enjoyable and in-control experience. Almost too good to be true, Sattva runs this strain under the ‘Naughty Biscotti’ banner. And who said naughty is always a bad thing?!

The Strain Origin

Who do you entrust with genetics so classic that they dare not be finagled with? No one but Seed Junky Genetics, of course! This strain is hands-down on of the best cuts in the marketplace and was clearly vetted and perfected with the highest of standards in mind. Take the journey with us and never regret a single step.

The Smell, Taste, and Effects of Biscotti X B1

Biscotti x Bx1 is non-sedative, with a taste smooth and sweet, in a jar that can’t be beat! Talk about an amazing sight, these rich purple tones dominate the flower, only outdone by the saturation of glistening chrome trichomes and orange hairs abound. The aroma is something of sweet candy gas that really shines positively as a unique standout.
In terms of effects, this strain is an all-out champion. Be prepared to enter a state of thoughtful calmness, enhanced by a super-positive euphoric state. This is a feet on the ground, head in the clouds type of experience. Think of the elevating effects as an enhancement to whatever task meets you along your path. This offering is special, like the wonderful mental state this Biscotti x Bx1 will leave you feeling and wanting more of…Did somebody say seconds?

The dominant terpenes in this strain are: Pinene, Caryophyllene and Eucalyptol.

trichomes that cover purple splashes and orange hairs. Hops and pine hit the nose immediately upon the first aroma, yet further examination reveals touches of lemon and lavender. The word smooth comes to mind.

As far as the effects are concerned, this strain launches the user into a long-lasting euphoric state of bliss that fuels a creative state of happiness. Uplift into a realm where stress, anxiety and depression are not welcome.

The dominant terpenes in this strain are: Myrcene, Linalool, Pinene and Limonene.

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