Lemon Cherry Gelato x Gelato 33

30%-33% THC

Introducing: Lemon Cherry Gelato x Gelato 33

With Lemon Cherry Gelato making serious waves in the California marketplace, this new staple crossed with Gelato 33 presents a balanced hybrid that is as unique in the nomenclature as it is in the experience. LCG comes from a genetic union of Girl Scout Cookies and Sunset Sherbet, while the Gelato 33 is a combination of Sunset Sherbet and Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies. This monster hybrid converges these complementary strains and flavors into a 30-33% THC flower that checks the all the boxes for a smooth ride of a session.

The Strain Origin

This unique strain combination from Seed Junky Genetics brings out the best in the ever-so-popular Lemon Cherry Gelato and crosses it with Gelato 33, taking the whole concept to new heights. Truly showcasing the best expressions from this legendary lineage of strains, the LCGxG33 cut is a hands-down winner. Anytime you get classic Girl Scout Cookies and their subsidiaries (Thin Mint Cookies) to gel with the staple of Sunset Sherbet, the user can set their expectations high, knowing the source material is top tier. Quality in, quality out. That’s the path worth walking.

The Smell, Taste, and Effects of Lemon Cherry Gelato x Gelato 33

The presentation of this strain instantly catches the eye with its’ overall frosty-chrome appearance, highlighted by subtle purple hues and orange hairs. While looks aren’t everything, this strain combination is definitely easy on the eyes.

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