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Rolling Artisanal Cannabis Pre-Rolls

Sattva Cannabis Company, a prominent Northern California Cannabis Company, is on a mission to cultivate artisanal cannabis with compassion, connectivity, and spirituality. Our small-batch approach allows us to give each plant the care and attention it deserves. As a result, every cultivar we grow is nurtured with love and attentiveness.

We use only the highest quality nutrients and the purest water available in California. This approach allows us to maximize the flower, terpene, and cannabinoid production in our small-batch facilities. Consequently, our unwavering commitment to quality ensures you receive the best artisanal cannabis product available.

We hold a firm belief that the vitality of our plants depends on the harmonious energies of the elements, our cultivation practices, and our people. This ethos gave birth to Sattva, a testament to our commitment to producing superior artisanal cannabis products.

Sattva Artisanal Cannabis Preroll
Sattva Artisanal Cannabis Flower

Our High-Quality Flower

Providing high-quality flower in the realm of artisanal cannabis means more than just producing a product. It’s about cultivating an experience that begins with the seed and ends with the consumer. At Sattva Cannabis Company, we understand that artisanal cannabis is a craft that requires attention to detail, a deep understanding of the plant, and a commitment to sustainable practices.

As a small-batch craft cultivator, we treat every individual plant with the love, care, and attentiveness it needs. We believe that the vitality of our plants depends on the harmonious energies of the elements, our cultivation, and our people.

Concentrate On The Best

In the artisanal cannabis industry, the term “high-quality flower” is synonymous with a meticulous cultivation process that respects both the plant and the consumer. This commitment to excellence sets Sattva Cannabis Company apart in the market.

Understanding Concentrates

Concentrates, a popular form of cannabis, are typically produced using two methods: solvent-based and solventless. Solvent-based concentrates are further divided into two groups: butane and carbon dioxide. Regardless of the solvent used, all concentrates undergo a purging process to remove any residual chemicals before consumption.

On the other hand, solventless concentrates are produced using heat, pressure, and filtration to extract the cannabinoids and terpenes from the plant. This method, though more time-consuming and labor-intensive, is often considered a more natural and artisanal approach to cannabis production.

The Sattva Difference

At Sattva, we take immense pride in the quality of our cannabis products, including our diamonds. The terpene profile of our concentrates is nothing short of spectacular, offering a fragrant and clean smoke. The concentrated THC in our products means you need to consume less to reach the desired elevated state. Our diamonds pack a punch, so we advise those new to smoking concentrates or cannabis products in general to start slow.

Sattva Artisanal Cannabis Concentrate

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