The Sattva Experience

Cultivating Cross-Culture Inspiration.

Who is Sattva Cannabis Co.?

Sattva is a holistic, family-owned company based in Northern California, founded in 2017. We built our brand with a simple concept — artisanal cannabis cultivated with compassion, connectivity, and spirituality. Guided by a blending of modern culture and eastern philosophy, we believe in drawing out a flower’s natural potency, wholly and organically. We’ve accomplished this by refining an ecosystem that revolves around small-batch farming and deeply rooted connections in the efficacy of cannabis. Our Master Cultivator uses only premium quality soils and harvesting techniques to ensure the highest quality strains every time.

Sattva fosters wellness, balance, and positivity in all it cultivates. Our goal is to provide a superior product without cutting corners, offering an exclusive artisan brand to local vendors and consumers.

All aspects of our life can be sattvic, rajasic, or tamasic; three “Gunas” or “Modes of Existence.”

What is Sattva?

The term “Sattva” derives from eastern philosophy meaning balance, positivity, peacefulness, and virtuousness. It is a state of being practiced through a number of means including diet, yoga, meditation, exercise, and more. Sattva is one of three Gunas, Sattva, Rajas, and Tamas of Sankhya philosophy, leading to true enlightenment. The other two qualities are rajas (passion and activity) and tamas (destruction, chaos).

Sattva is not only a brand but a state of consciousness promoting peace, harmony, balance, and clarity in all we are. If we want to be more conscious and aware, we should work on increasing our sattva. Grounded in spiritual ideologies practiced for thousands of years, cannabis has played an essential part in the journey to philosophical enlightenment. It assisted in purifying the body, senses, and mind to begin experiencing the natural self. We cultivate our product around these beliefs, offering a more therapeutic approach to mental acuity and heightened awareness. Sattva wants to help you achieve a higher sattvic self.

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